Eggciting times

We are happy to introduce a couple of new members here at Framtida Bruk farm: chickens! They are of a New Hampshire dwarf breed and hence they are a bit smaller than regular chickens. For now there are only three of them: Gösta the rooster, who crows proudly every morning, and his two gals Babette and Fabienne who look up to him and like to sleep tucked away under his wing. They are funny, talkative, and often make a little sneeze-hiccup sound when they get up in the morning.
göstaochbabetteThe first few weeks they did not seem very happy to be here. They were not producing any eggs, even though they have a spacious pen to peck about in, lots of food and places to sit… They were even looking a bit ragged?! Finally, we realized they were moulting. A few days ago however, we found our first eggs and were beyond happy to enjoy our first farm-egg breakfast.

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